The Webby Awards
Category: Self-promotion / Portfolio
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The most difficult issue concerning the creation of your own project is to talk about yourself and show your work values, ideas and feelings through your work. Here, the brief was to create a website where I could express my personality, experiences and emotions as well as passion for my work; the result ending in unique and exclusive projects for each individual client.

Smile was the solution! I developed a webfolio, which represents my face and a content customization to make the information easier to access and to also increase the users experience. Happiness is very important to me, so what better than a smile to represent me, my portfolio and all of my projects, especially when they are all formed together as one big smile.

You can be any color, smile or nationality, but the most important thing is to always smile. Using this as a general rule (top left button), the smile can vary in colour, importance and face so the user can personalise it to their own preference; this is where the filter i produced narrows down the collage of images. That way everyone can share my smile, which contains all the ideas and details from my portfolio.